Need to train contingent workers, part-time employees, students, or contractors on how to navigate and use software systems? Tight budget and time-frame? Oracle’s User Productivity Kit is here to help.

Colleges and Universities can save considerable money, time and resources by making Oracle UPK training content available on a self-service basis. Oracle’s User Productivity Kit provides software tools to record and play back the exact steps users need to successfully use an application. Oracle even offers easily customizable pre-built content to speed up the development process. Empower your faculty, staff and students and ultimately improve end-user adoption!

But don’t just take our word for it…hear about the power of UPK from our guest speaker and CIO of Tulane University, Charlie McMahon, who has direct experience implementing and using Oracle UPK!

To learn more about using UPK for training, increasing end-user adoption and more, we’re inviting institutions of higher education like yours to our webcast.

This webcast will delve into specifics such as:

  • UPK Facts and Figures
  • Overview of Oracle UPK as an ERP enhancement tool
  • Return on Investment in UPK
  • Tulane University’s Success with UPK and ITC

This webcast will last about 45 minutes and is intended for UPK Project Managers, IT Trainers, Compliance Specialists, UPK Testers, CIOs or anyone who wants to take full advantage of Oracle’s User Productivity Kit.

Download Your Copy Here: