ERP application developers and managers don’t have it easy. They must simultaneously control costs and mitigate risk, meaning they’ve got to accomplish twin goals that often seem mutually exclusive.

Fortunately, by synergizing Oracle UPK (User Productivity Kit) and OATS (Oracle Application Testing Suite) you can gain a cost-effective ERP testing solution. Oracle UPK can help you quickly create test plans, accelerate test execution and ensure thorough and accurate results by using UPK to integrate Test Case output with OATS.

This webcast details how UPK can improve your testing efforts by:

  • Overcoming common OATS testing automation challenges with UPK
  • Recording business processes with UPK
  • Generating Test Cases from UPK
  • Converting UPK scripts to OATS testing scripts

This webcast demonstrates how OATS end-users can use UPK's recording features to generate Test Cases, which they can easily integrate with OATS to save time and improve accuracy and efficiency of their ERP testing

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