Go Mobile with E-Business Suite: Improve Productivity through User Experience 


Did you know that Gartner identified mobile device diversity and mobile apps as the top two technology trends for the next two years? The mobility and extended availability of business applications is now core for the way companies do business.

Oracle was quick to identify this and has been focusing intensively on UX to make it productive, customizable, modern and feature-rich. The recent launch of 14 new smartphone applications and modernized user interface has completely transformed Oracle EBS’ end user experience.

Are you looking to exceed your employees’ expectations with an interface that is appealing, fast and efficient?

Check out our recording and learn more!

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During our webcast we shared how Oracle started on the path to revolutionize the way we work a few years ago by driving towards enhanced productivity. Learn the easiest way to build a bridge from where you are to where you can be. We focused on:

How mobility is providing faster business execution and increased productivity
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How Smartphone Applications take business capabilities to the next level
How to leverage new OAF capabilities to optimize the iOS and Android experience