Join experts from EMC and ITC to learn how cloud can facilitate better, faster and cheaper backups

The rapid growth of data we have seen in the last decade is putting a strain on tape-based backups. How can your organization meet the challenge of streamlining your backup processes while keeping your costs under control?
Understanding EMC’s Avamar and Data Domain technologies is the answer to this question. For this reason, IT Convergence and EMC are inviting you to attend our joint webcast.

In this webcast, ITC and EMC experts specifically focused on:

  • Data-management changes that are driving businesses to the Cloud
  • Why Data Domain and Avamar’s deduplication technologies are true game changers
  • Reducing backup costs by over 40% with BaaS
  • ITC Cloud Backup as a Service (BaaS) deployment models and options

Download the Presentation/Recording