One of the crucial success factors of keeping your R12 project on-time and on-budget is how you handle the major process and definition changes if you re-implement or migrate your service lines and business entities into R12 from different legacy system.

Considering the importance of data conversion, your R12 project can easily become a nightmare if not managed appropriately. According to Bloor Research Study, the success rate for the data migration portion of a project – those that were delivered on-time and on-budget – is ONLY 16%.

To ensure you belong to that 16%, we invite you to our webinar: Why do you need to rethink data conversion to R12. During the webinar, we will help you understand the whole conversion life cycle. We’ll cover:

  • Identifying the relevance and need for conversions
  • Scoping, data mapping, extraction and cleansing
  • Various tools and methods that can be used for data conversions
  • Best practices: how to proactively manage the data conversion process for success

Make sure the costs and time won’t overrun and ensure that your reimplementation or moving from a 3rd party or legacy system project is 100% under control.

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