The rapid growth and constant innovation of Oracle Cloud is leading to a large amount of uncertainty and certain misbeliefs. Most Oracle users share common doubts on security, while some even wonder if Cloud products are mature enough.

It’s time to reveal the truth once and for all. You'll hear more about:

  • Larry Ellison’s design goals: cost, reliability, performance, standards, compatibility, security and the myths behind them
  • International subsidiary support & the future of customizations
  • Options and requirements to understand your journey to the Cloud

Learn more now and start rethinking your business based on facts.

About the presenters

Gustavo Gonzalez

Gustavo Gonzalez

CTO, IT Convergence
Gustavo Gonzalez is an Oracle ACE Director and IT Convergence's Chief Technology Officer and has led our internal Oracle team since 2006. Prior to that, Gustavo worked as an Oracle end-user at companies such as Danone and Nike.

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