Application Integration in the Era of Postmodern ERP

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Postmodern ERP is quickly replacing the traditional ERP megasuite concept in many organizations, forcing business and IT leaders to let go of the best-of-breed mentality and embrace the hybrid reality. While Postmodern ERP and SaaS business applications inject flexibility and agility, deconstructing a monolithic ERP suite requires the guarantee that data and process integrity is maintained across multiple applications and deployment modes.

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How to kick off your journey to the Postmodern ERP era, and how integration plays a key role in devising a strong postmodern ERP strategy from both business and IT perspectives, topics include:

  • What is postmodern ERP
  • The scope of transformation to Postmodern ERP
  • Fundamentals of Integration\How Integration addresses Postmodern ERP Key Challenges
  • Navigating the Integration Market and Vendors
    iPaaS Selection Strategies
  • Key Recommendations