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The cloud band-wagon is picking up all sizes of corporations with the cloud trend becoming more and more omnipresent, eliminating in-house infrastructure to reduce maintenance costs of hardware and overhead is now a reality that every CIO needs to contemplate - Luckily ITC's CMS team can offer you exactly the cloud you need with purpose built environments and a white glove servicing approach.

Start your journey to the cloud with ITC's Cloud Enablement Assessment:

  • Decide on your cloud requirements (Geographies, Client/Devices, RTO/RPO & SLA, Deployment Model, Business Requirements, Etc)
  • Understand workloads, services and priorities
  • Identify appropriate services (IaaS, DRaaS, Monitoring, Managed services, Etc)

Request a cloud enablement assessment and get in touch as soon as tomorrow! 

Reduce your total cost of ownership and increase operational efficiency through reliable, scalable and cost-effective Cloud Architecture solutions:


Three Uptime Institute Level III+/IV SAS70 certified data centers strategically located in North-America


Flexible choice of technology platform, OS, release levels, Network providers and service type


Complete visibility of your server environment to track performance and SLA


Update your contract based on service usage and needs


Seamless migration with on-time, on-budget delivery


Designated System Admin who decides which tasks on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis