10 Easy Steps to Manually Migrate EBS 12.2 To Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)


Planning to move your EBS 12.2 to OCI to leverage the efficiency and scalability of Oracle’s Public cloud?

Across industries, more and more organizations are moving their on-premises applications to the cloud. Why? In the trifecta of costs, risks, and scalability, the cloud provides a sensible structure that delivers growth, innovation, agility, and efficiency.

In fact, over 86% of digital finance leaders say their organization has a digital-first and cloud-first mindset. Migration to cloud-based core suites makes more sense as solutions offer equal or greater capabilities than on-premise—which is why the cloud has experienced a dramatic increase in user adoption.

Either lack of good connectivity, very large database size or simply on-premises application tier configuration that is not yet supported by Oracle Cloud Manager, are some of the reasons you may want to opt for a manual move to OCI.

The eBook will help you answer the following:

  • What is the need for manual migration?
  • What are the 10 high-level migration steps?
  • What's supported in a manual migration?
  • What if the on-premises source is non-Linux?
  • How can I ensure adequate performance?
  • De-risking & accelerating your cloud journey
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