5 Big Changes to China’s VAT in 2019

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China’s tax system is not a simple one and is frequently changing. In this E-Book we will give an overview of five of the most important recent changes that China’s Value Added Tax (VAT) has gone through.

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A couple of months ago China announced several Value Added Tax (VAT) reforms, policies and implementation rules, that will have an impact on companies with operations in the country. In this E-Book we highlight the five major changes in the VAT policies, so companies understand how the impact of these changes in their internal and external business operations, and make the proper adjustments to their ERP systems in order to be compliant.

What you will learn through this Ebook:

  • What are the most important changes and reductions in VAT Rates?
  • What is the new scope of Input VAT Credit and which Industries it applies to?
  • Which industries are eligible for a VAT Super Deduction?
  • How to prepare and benefit from these changes?