Achieving Effective Knowledge Transfer During the EBS Upgrade


As of late, we’ve seen a sharp increase in the number of clients interested in discovering new ways of ensuring knowledge transfer when upgrading/migrating their E-Business Suite (EBS) instances. Knowledge transfer is often overlooked, executed post-go-live, or rarely measured.

EBS clients are more interested than ever before to avoid knowledge gaps because of the volume and speed at which technologies are emerging, and at ITC we fully support your knowledge transfer endeavors with strategic resource-sharing models where we help you find the right resourcing mix that ensures knowledge transfer is at the heart of your EBS upgrade or migrate strategy to R12.2.X.

EBS leaders are faced with the challenge of upgrading by the end of December 2021 if they’d like to stay under Oracle’s support umbrella to ensure their EBS instance continues to receive new updates, fixes, and security patches to avoid unwanted costs and security flaws of working on an unsupported version.

In this eBook, we show you the top strategies to achieving effective knowledge transfer during the EBS upgrade. Download this Ebook today and set your project in motion before time runs out and your EBS is left unsupported by Oracle.