The Benefits of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse for HR


Oracle offers a simple and easy-to-use data analytics solution to empower modern HR teams, powered by Autonomous Data Warehouse. An autonomous database eliminates almost all the complexities of operating a data warehouse, enabling HR teams to reduce their reliance on IT. It includes a complete suite of prebuilt tools that are designed for self-service, empowering HR analysts and other business users.

Download this ebook to learn how Oracle ADW helps HR teams:

  • Get end-to-end HR visibility by integrating headcount with recruiting metrics to provide better staffing insights
  • Combine data from multiple HR apps such as recruiting + core HR; multiple core HR systems, point solutions, etc. (recruiting, learning, performance, payroll)
  • Measure workforce productivity and costs which requires data from both HR and Finance
    See the ROI of your workforce and their impact on the financial top and bottom line
  • Perform analysis by different attributes, making it easy to analyze the length of service and movement between jobs, grades, and organizations
  • Analyze historical headcount data with detailed headcount reporting