The Benefits of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse for Marketing


Oracle offers a simple and easy-to-use data analytics solution to empower modern marketing teams, powered by Autonomous Data Warehouse. An autonomous database eliminates almost all the complexities of operating a data warehouse, enabling marketing teams to reduce their reliance on IT. It includes a complete suite of prebuilt tools that are designed for self-service, empowering marketing analysts and other business users.

Download this ebook to learn how Oracle ADW helps marketing teams:

  • Combine data from multiple systems and analyze cross-channel data to determine campaign ROI
  • Correlate marketing spend with lead generation and understand which marketing initiatives drive the most impact
  • See performance metrics for paid search, social media, email all in one place place
  • Get visibility into funnel performance: Leads to MQL, MQL to SQL, SQL to sales opportunity
  • Combine marketing and sales data for closed loop analysis, understand the entire campaign-to-close process and analyze effectiveness
  • Establish a correlation between customer buying patterns and behavioral and demographic attributes
  • Use customer behavior data to deliver personalized customer experiences