The Benefits of Oracle Autonomous Data Warehouse for Sales


Oracle offers a simple and easy-to-use data analytics solution to empower modern sales teams, powered by Autonomous Data Warehouse. An autonomous database eliminates almost all the complexities of operating a data warehouse, enabling sales teams to reduce their reliance on IT. It includes a complete suite of prebuilt tools that are designed for self-service, empowering sales analysts and other business users.

Download this ebook to learn how Oracle ADW helps sales teams:

  • Quickly combine data from multiple spreadsheets and other sources into a single version of the truth
  • Segment results by region, product, business unit and time period and compare performance against key competitors
  • Accurately predict whether results will exceed or miss quota and improve forecast accuracy
  • Gaining visibility into Rep activity and understand the relationship between activity levels and resulting pipeline volume and quality
  • Associate Rep quota attainment with tenure, compensation, experience level and training performance
  • Align sales resources with opportunities and set sales targets
    Get updated information quickly and on-demand instead of waiting for reports or analyst spreadsheets