Challenges related to working with documents translates into a 21.3% of total loss of organizational productivity. Download our eBook to learn how Oracle UPK will mitigate them:

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  • Best practices to increase documentation productivity
  • Challenges related to documentation & collaboration
  • How Oracle UPK streamlines content creation
  • How to maintain system transactional training in UPK
  • How to maintain conceptual content in Oracle UPK

For heavy document dependent departments such as HR, Learning & Development, Compliance and IT, creating and maintaining technical writing and policy documentation is a common burden, luckily there are software tools available to help ease many aspects of this burden, contact us to learn more about Oracle UPK or other authoring platforms we support.

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UPK really shortened our training time and helped us get our employees fully up to speed on how to use our newly upgraded system. Allowing us to train 5000 employees with less than 3 trainers and we did it in a very short period of time

- Charlie McMahon, CTO, Tulane University


Translate your content to 22 different languages!


Reduce up to 60% of help-desk calls


Increase your software test script creation up to 70%

Oracle User Productivity Kit is a content development tool that allows you to create 15+ different business valuable assets through a single authoring session and help streamline your IT training efforts to optimize user adoption seamlessly.


Project Aid

UPK contains diverse functionalities that can support different stages of a software project lifecycle


Maintenance & Sustainability

Keeping up with software upgrades and system changes throughout your training and documentation files is not an easy task, with UPK you can easily apply updates to existing materials without having to re-create everything from scratch.


Global Enablement

For globally dispersed organizations, UPK facilitates language translation & localization to easily deploy content for different regional and global rollout projects


For Oracle & Non-Oracle Apps

Don’t just limit UPK’s usage to Oracle! UPK can be leveraged for any web-based or desktop application for content creation and provide online help guidance so you can maximize the value of your UPK ROI


On-boarding & Knowledge Retention

Minimize the costs of employee onboarding by maintaining your training programs with prescribed learning paths for specific user groups and prevent intellectual capital leakage from turnover


Streamline Testing

UPK can reduce testing script creation efforts by up to 70% and provides an automated manual testing feature that can sky rocket standard UAT efficiency as well as track and report on testing results

Why Us

UPK specialist 1-924017-edited.pngWe are the world's only Oracle certified UPK specialist, with a team of full time UPK dedicated consultants that are multilingual and located in different regions around the world. Our education practice specialices in a variety of IT training offerings that ranges from custom Instructional Design & eLearning services to tool-specific implementation and content development services.

IT Convergence is a global professional services provider specialized in enterprise software solutions, with core expertise in Oracle solutions.

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