Resolving Six Reasons for Overshooting your Cloud Migration Budget


Under pressure to move quickly to cloud without thorough assessment often means failing to consider critical costs that might become bottlenecks enroute to the cloud migration project on the way.

To ensure you avoid overshooting your cloud migration budget, you need to invest time in the assessment and planning phase of the project. Critical assessment of all budgeted cost is required in this phase. It's important to understand the 4 areas of costs:

  • Pre-Migration Application Costs
  • Migration Costs
  • Post-Migration Costs
  • Hidden-Costs

Failing to account for any of these might skew your budgets considerably.

However, here in this ebook, we will highlight more on the “Migration Costs” which IT Decision Makers should not avoid to consider, along with how you can plan & resolve these 6 challenges which will come your way.

These Six reasons on how you can plan to control your cloud migration budget will act as a guide to overcoming any cost overruns of your cloud migration project.

There are many variables and ins and outs when it comes to estimating the total cost of an cloud migration project. And while it’s important to include as much detail as possible when estimating costs, it’s equally important to consider your audience. What does the organization care about from a numbers perspective? What are the goals for the migration? Are there specific costs they are concerned with, or specific savings they intend to reap the benefits of?

Expect to have some back-and-forth with your executive audience as they have questions or concerns. Numbers tell a story, and listening to your audience makes for an honest and open relationship that goes beyond hard figures.

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