Creating a Data Centre Migration Plan


Moving into a third-party data centre is a long-term commitment, & for many it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Post running your servers comfortably in the data centre, if one fine day you are forced to choose between one of their cloud services that you had not planned for or either move out, will definitely be an unpleasant and frustrating experience.

Such a mandatory evacuation with imposed timelines will disrupt your 2022 plans and budgets.

In this scenario you will have a choice either to move to Private, Public or Hybrid environments. To avoid any unpleasant scenarios in this journey, Gartner advises to engage certified experts early on, to advise, plan, build, operate and manage your journey into the new environment for extrapolated cost and operational efficiencies.

Download this eBook to learn how to:

  • Quickly develop a business case outlining the migration’s plan for both business and IT.
  • Minimize the disruption to normal business functioning and other potential risks of the migration.
  • Build a plan to define how, when and the order in which the infra/apps should be migrated.
  • Leverage experience of certified experts for project acceleration with tools & scripts to ensure seamless & timely execution

With ITC you can overcome imposed deadlines, address your unique data centre migration, contracting and support needs, with direct access to our Executives for faster decision making.

ITC is one of the 7 certified CSPE partners in North America with expertise to consult, build, architect, operate and manage critical applications: all under one contract, while helping our customers achieve their digital transformation initiatives seamlessly.