Report: Engage with Oracle Cloud Expert Partners


Due to the rapid evolution of the public cloud several clients, now planning to migrate their critical applications are encountering significant complexities as their cloud migrations progress. They are seeking assistance with the development and management of public cloud environments through certified cloud specialist partners.

Gartner mentioned in its 2019 blog “Managed Services Are Dead, Long Live Managed Services!”. Reason? The role of an MSP has seen significant changes in cloud professional and managed services over the past 4-5 years. These are not the kinds of services MSPs are historically asked to deliver, but the uptick in customer interest makes it clear that customers want — and MSPs have to provide these “up stack” services more and more, in the future or perish in the wrath of disruption.

Post reading this report you will be able to unearth that Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Oracle’s integrated IaaS+PaaS offering, while optimized by design to run Oracle technologies, has capabilities broad enough to be considered for running general-purpose workloads as well including High Performance computing better than its competitors.

In this report we cover:

  • Key Insights from Gartner Analysis for Oracle Cloud IaaS & PaaS platform 2021 report.
  • Why and How you can accelerate your cloud transformation Journey with Oracle Cloud IaaS & PaaS platforms
  • How Oracle cloud specialist partners can accelerate this journey, delivering first-time-right solutions.

ITC is one of the 7 certified CSPE partners in North America with expertise to consult, build, architect, operate and manage critical applications on Oracle Cloud platform: all under one contract, while helping our customers achieve their digital transformation initiatives seamlessly.