Everything You Need to Know about Test Design Automation

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With the incessant growth and use of applications, devices and platforms in companies’ day to day operations, the need for testing to be more efficient, both in time and cost has also grown. Yet, many companies continue to use old generation test design and execution techniques, risking with their ability to compete in the market place.

Testing automation is a strategy that many businesses have leveraged in order to remain competitive. Although testing automation is not a recent thing, it has traditionally focused on the automation of test management and execution, leaving the test design process out.

In this Ebook you will learn all the basics around Test Design Automation and how properly leveraged, provides a potential boost to the speed and efficiency and could also improve the end-user experience.

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  • What is Test Design Automation?
  • How are Companies Leveraging these Benefits?
  • Recommendations for Moving Towards Test Design Automation