Which Application Modernization Strategy Optimizes Business Value?

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Which applications and legacy systems should you modernize to improve performance of Cloud and meet goals of digital business? The ones that pose obstacles for your digital business.

Which strategy should be chosen for modernization? Depends on which component is causing the application to pose challenges and where these challenges are sourced (business or IT?)

Through the following Ebook, ”Gartner Tips for Modernizing Applications & Legacy Systems Around Key Business Drivers,” you will discover how to select the proper modernization strategy for your applications by learning about the following:

  • The 6 key business and IT drivers for application modernization and the application components that impact them
  • The 7 modernization approaches and their relationship to each driver / application component
  • The cost and risk associated with each approach and the considerations to be made when selecting your modernization strategy.

In learning how to evaluate internal application issues and modernization strategies according to their business impact, you will reduce the risk of migrating to cloud and determine which modernization strategy produces the most value for your business in the long run.