How to Get Started with Application Testing Service


The demand for intelligent and highly automated testing services is driven by the need for continuous quality excellence at a lower cost. How do IT Leaders identify making better sourcing decisions when selecting application testing service providers.

Whether your needs are for Testing design, advisory and consulting services, implementation/deployment testing services, and Management testing services you need to look out for key capabilities to help you succeed early.

The application testing service market is dynamic with full IT service providers and dedicated, pure-play application testing services providers and provides a highly demanded service.

Key considerations while reading this eBook:

  • How to kickstart or evolve your application testing services strategy?
  • How do you proactively identify components within your testing process that can be automated?
  • Should you have a different provider for Application testing vs Application development
  • How to Avoid locking yourself in with just one service provider?

About IT Convergence

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