How to Make the Perfect Business Case for Cloud Migration?


There are compelling reasons for CIOs to transition from high-cost, internally provided compute infrastructure services in favor of more highly utilized and lower-cost public cloud provided services.

The challenge facing CIOs, is the significant existing legacy investment in servers, storage, and data centers that cannot be easily divested, especially for the most recent acquisitions, a condition we call the CapEx conundrum.

This will require CIOs to build a persuasive business case and value proposition to present to the senior business leadership including the CFO. Failure to make the case will likely doom the organization to a downward spiral of high-cost internally provisioned infrastructure and associated structural cost disadvantage to its competitors that will worsen over time.

Additionally, and perhaps an even larger problem, is the opportunity cost to the business resulting from a lack of speed and agility.

This eBook will help guide you with:

  • Components of a business case
  • Four critical areas which need specific attention
  • ‘Do Nothing’- Present to leadership for faster approval
  • How to make your approval journey easy

Free Sample of a Business Case-on-a-Page within this eBook.