How to Reduce Oracle Support Costs with Oracle Rewards Program?


ERP initiatives are associated with high costs and COVID-19 has limited many IT budgets. As a result, application leaders must minimize ERP-related expenses wherever possible.

COVID-19 has created a short-term need to quickly cut costs, freeze spending and free up cash flow to maintain business viability. Application leaders that cut costs effectively will establish trust and goodwill with the CFO and leadership.

With the ‘Oracle Support Rewards’ program you can now substantially reduce your Oracle support costs which is a substantial part of maintaining your Oracle application.

Additional savings can be achieved with OCI volume discounts and also engaging Oracle certified cloud Providers with Oracle CSPE certification.

Reading this eBook can help you partly fund your cloud initiatives by learning:

  • What is the ‘Oracle Support Rewards’ program?
  • How to calculate the benefits?
  • Three use-cases on how you can benefit.
  • What OCI services to consume & ideal workloads for OCI?
  • How to get additional discounts?
  • How to De-Risk & accelerate your cloud journey