20 Questions to ask for Oracle EBS Continuous Testing


Building a continuous testing culture requires people, practices, tools, and time. Finding the right balance of effort across all testing practices is critical in achieving continuous testing. But before you start deploying code for testing, one activity often overlooked is the code review. Everything that will be included in a build and used during deployment to an environment (testing or production) should be reviewed by a team of experts assembled for this purpose.

Continuous testing offers several additional benefits, including:

  • Early identification of defects
  • Improved accuracy in identifying defects
  • Quicker time to market

You need to have a testing strategy for the ongoing changes that will occur with respect to the change applied to integrations, continuous updates, patches, security etc. You need a robust test automation solution to ensure that your Oracle e-business suite continues to perform as expected while keeping track of all the new upgrades and releases. Test automation should form the core of your Oracle EBS testing strategy to meet quality standards, accelerated timeframes, and compliance requirements. Download this eBook to learn the 20 Key questions to ask yourself before planning your Continuous testing strategy. 

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