Oracle Database Upgrade and Migration Methods


As a result of Premier Support coming to an end in December 2021 for EBS clients who are below version R12.2, the time is now to think about your strategy to upgrade your instance and protect your investment.

To get the most out of your EBS, we strongly recommend that you upgrade and take into consideration all the key areas that are involved in doing so. One of these key areas is about your database upgrade.

For some time, we’ve received client questions to understand if they are required to perform a database upgrade as part of the R12.2 upgrade, which is why we set out to create this handy eBook.

This eBook provides prescriptive guidance about the different types of methods that EBS clients have available to upgrade or migrate their Oracle Database when thinking about an EBS upgrade to R12.2

Many EBS customers have delayed their upgrade, but when it comes to protecting their investment against the unwanted costs and risks of not receiving the latest fixes, updates, and security patches, the best choice is to take action now with a consultant team on deck to help you reduce costs, minimize risks, and ensure knowledge transfer.

Download our eBook today and learn how you can upgrade your Oracle Database as part of your journey to upgrade your Oracle EBS to R12.2