Oracle Support Stages: How Premier Support Protects and Maximizes your EBS Investment


Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) investments are significant and more than worth protecting; after all, your Oracle EBS supports your mission-critical tasks, so it’s important that you protect your investment and unlock the full value of your EBS system.

The Oracle Lifetime Support policy is the most comprehensive support policy available to help you drive business success. This leading support policy unprecedently covers your entire environment, from database to middleware to applications.

You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to your upgrade strategy, making it easier to plan and budget for upgrades.

This ebook details the different Oracle support offerings that help protect your EBS investment, placing a higher emphasis on Oracle Premier Support as it’s the only and most comprehensive form of support that fully covers applications, databases, operating systems, and hardware.

Download the ebook today and choose the best support option to safe keep the integrity of your Oracle EBS.