Setting Up Continuous Testing – Failing Early and Quickly 


In disruptive times and accelerated digital transformation will require software development, where rollout speed is king: whoever can roll out bug-free updates the fastest wins the market. While tech companies already know this, the rest of the business community is quickly catching on. Senior leaders at companies are recognizing that their businesses — whether their primary industry is car manufacturing or food service or finance — is also becoming a software business. Software now controls factories, manages inventory, trades stocks and increasingly is the most important interface with customers.

But if software is the key to staying competitive, companies need to maximize the productivity of their expensive and scarce software developers. Automation of time-wasting tasks is the quickest way to do so.

Now, the time is ripe to automate & continuous testing.

  • What is it and Why Do You Need It?
  • Continuous Testing Benefits
  • Key Elements To Implement Continuous Testing?
  • Shift-Left Testing: Why ?
  • Why Are Companies Failing At Implementing Continuous Testing?

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