Storage Cleanup in Oracle EBS 12.2


For the cloud implementation of Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), the key to success lies in the ability to migrate applications and data without risking the integrity of the project.

Over time, enterprises accumulate massive amounts of data, information, and code that are either no longer relevant or downright obsolete. A triggering event, namely an important upgrade like the one made to Oracle EBS R12.2, makes it necessary for you to consider the available options you have to clean up your storage.

In this ebook, we dive into the details of taking proactive measures for storage cleanup, such as archive and purge, to help you optimize performance-related infrastructure for your EBS. Failing to strategize for your storage cleanup can lead to a data migration failure and increased costs.

Learn more about the drivers behind data migration, the different types of storage attributes, the benefits of archiving and purging prior to migration to Oracle EBS R12.2, and the challenges of managing data overall.

Learn why archive and purge is one of the critical actions you must take now to upgrade your EBS.

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