The Benefits of Security Patching

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Are you still uncertain whether or not a robust patch management program is necessary? Feeling more comfortable continuing the prior “break-fix” approach?

Given the changing perspective to patching over time, organizations without a continuous patching plan in place leave themselves vulnerable to a variety of malicious attacks.

It’s no surprise that Cloud security threats have risen dramatically over the last few years, in line with the ubiquity of cloud computing. Take, for example, the EQUIFAX BREACH in 2017. This single breach affected over 100 MILLION people and brought the importance of patching to the front-and-center of IT Security teams worldwide.

So, as an IT professional how do you approach such issues in today’s security world? What kind of security patching plan do you need to implement? What are the best practices and recommendations for patching strategy?

To find answers to the above questions, download this eBook that outlines:

  • The Evolution of Patching
  • Why Patch Now?
  • Current Obstacles to Patching
  • How to Get the Best Benefits from Patching
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