Top Benefits of OCI for EBS

Because Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is mission-critical to your business, you may be stalling on your decision to move your application to the cloud. From payroll, HR, supply chain, and much more, if there’s a problem with any of them, your business may be exposed to significant losses.


Oracle has built a one-stop-shop that is first and foremost designed to support Oracle workloads where you can rest assured that your apps will work as they are intended.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) public cloud architecture serves as a foundational layer for Oracle Cloud. In addition to its performance reliability, security, and governance, OCI also supports mission-critical and performance-intensive workloads that were historically located only in on-premises environments, along with cloud-native applications.

Faster and more reliable than other solutions in the market, OCI also offers cost advantages over other cloud services.

In this flyer, we outline the top benefits of OCI for EBS so you can take a data-driven decision about moving to OCI today!