Using the Internet of Things To Increase Corporate Productivity

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Have you ever wondered what will happen when we start living in a 'Smart World' ? Wonder no more, we are there.

Yes, it's true that by 2020 we will all be a part of a 'Smart World' where IoT will not be limited to connecting people or data but might expand to a network of biological high-tech sensors that study your DNA. With 20.4 billion devices connected to each other, automatic communication taking place, digitilization, new business models, and agile supply chains find out how IoT, Big Data and Cloud will change and shape your business and future IT Roadmap.

In this whitepaper by ITC CTO and Oracle ACE Director, Gustavo Gonzalez, you will get detailed insights on:

  • Evolution of IoT and It's Practical Implications
  • Futuristic view of the Smart World with IoT
  • IoT MaturityScape Stage Overview
  • IoT Implementation Platforms and Applications