CEMLI Remediation Framework

Oracle EBS clients planning to continue to use and get the most out of their EBS investment must upgrade to R12.1.3 as Premier Support will come to an end in December 2021. Clients who have delayed the upgrade need to consider relevant factors like CEMLI Remediation to strategically approach how to holistically upgrade or migrate their EBS instance.


Many EBS customers have delayed their upgrade because they either believe it is not necessary for their mission-critical operations, they are not fully aware of the tasks an upgrade entails, or don’t grasp how close the expiration on their Premier Support actually is.

Without Premier Support, EBS customers will lose access to critical fixes, updates, and security patches. So, now is the time to take action!

ITCs CEMLI Remediation Framework is key when strategizing for your Oracle EBS upgrade. Nearly all EBS instances contain CEMLIs as customers rely on personalizations to get the most out of their EBS and have it operate to suit their needs.

Download this handy infographic to learn more about the CEMLI Remediation Framework and how you can benefit from having ITC help you every step of the way.