12.2 Upgrade Planning - 10 Key Considerations

Beginning to plan your Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade to Release 12.2 is a major undertaking that requires careful consideration of key aspects of the upgrade like database compliance, functional consulting, archive and purge, and CEMLI Remediation.


With little time left (under 8 months!) EBS clients who haven’t taken any action to upgrade are on the brink of being desupported, losing access to Premier Support, and with it, access to new updates, fixes, and security patches that keep your Oracle EBS investment protected.

In this infographic, we’ve rounded up Oracle’s 10 key considerations when planning your upgrade to R12.2. In this handy document, you’ll be able to see at a glance the different elements involved during the upgrade and that you’ll need to account for so that your EBS upgrade to 12.2 rolls out smoothly and successfully.

As stated earlier, there’s much to consider, which is why we can’t stress enough how important it is that you take immediate action to upgrade your Oracle EBS to 12.2 - keep in mind that thanks to Oracle’s Continuous Innovation model, you can rest assured that this is the last major upgrade you’ll ever have to make.

Download the infographic and take action today!