Realise Increased Security with 10 Principles for Oracle EBS on OCI


Navigating the dimensions of cloud security and following best practices in an ever-changing landscape is a tough job—and the stakes are high with your mission critical applications – EBS, PeopleSoft, JD Edwards etc. Plus, the more complex your infrastructure is, the harder it is to stay compliant as regulations evolve. How do you balance the flexibility of a cloud with the need to protect sensitive information?

Help is here. In this infographic, plan with these Ten Key Principles to remain secure when migrating Oracle EBS to OCI. These will help to build a comprehensive and sustainable security and privacy strategy.

Reality today:

  • With Covid-19 new threats & challenges for data security have emerged.
  • Geographically spread apart security teams are managing new operating conditions.
  • With work from home, employees are using unsecure networks.


These fundamentals will help you refine your policies and processes to better prepare for the most demanding privacy and security initiatives today, tomorrow, and beyond.