Online Patching: Sustainable Security, Reduced Risks, and Minimal Downtime

In today’s day and age, organizations simply cannot afford to expose their Oracle EBS systems to external threats that are increasingly becoming more sophisticated, requiring ongoing vigilance and maintenance.


Online patching helps deliver security and performance patches to your Oracle EBS system periodically. This level of care is provided to instances on Oracle Premier Support who are on Release 12.2.X.


Online patching is Oracle’s response to +20 years of having Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) users go offline for lengthy periods of time to apply patches.


Patches are a cornerstone to the optimized functioning of your Oracle EBS, ensuring your system achieves sustainable security, reduced risks, and as a key value-add item, minimal downtime.


To emphasize, Online Patching can only be used with Oracle EBS 12.2 and higher, so it’s critical that you upgrade before December 2021 (so you can benefit from staying under Oracle’s support with Oracle Premier Support) to Release 12.2 and reap the benefits of online patching. Online patching in R12.2 includes one-off patches, patch rollups, consolidated updates, and security patches.


In this document, we’ve summarized all the key ingredients of online patching, its phases, and the key steps you need to take to enable it once your system is on 12.2 or higher.


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