Oracle EBS → Support Paths

Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) has long been one of the flagship products of Oracle. To continue the delivery of ongoing enhancements and new features, Oracle added EBS to their Apps Unlimited commitment that pledges continuous innovation while also providing a commitment to offer Oracle Premier Support through at least 2032.


With +40 years of trusted business relationships with its clients, Oracle offers resources that help clients maximize and expand their current Oracle application investments.


When talking about Oracle EBS, there’s an important action that customers need to make to ensure their application is under the Premier Support umbrella: upgrade to release 12.2.


All EBS instances below 12.2 need to upgrade before December 2021 ends. Otherwise, they’ll enter into Sustaining Support and lose access to new features, updates, fixes, and security patches.


In this infographic, we’ve outlined the different support paths Oracle offers its clients: Premier Support, Market-Driven Support, Extended Support, and Sustaining Support. Our goal is to give you a clear view of why it’s critical that you don’t expose your EBS to the security vulnerabilities and unwanted costs of losing Premier Support.


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