Improve Oracle EBS Speed & Efficiency with 10 Powerful Oracle Cloud Tools

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To ensure that your E-Business Suite (EBS) runs at peak performance in all circumstances, you need the latest tools available dedicated for Oracle EBS. Today Oracle EBS has helped world's largest companies to handle staggering amounts of transactional volume in multi-terabyte databases.


With so much resting on these systems, it’s imperative that they operate at peak performance. IT departments need to adopt measurements for tracking the performance of their ERP applications both during implementation and production phases of operation.

To run large stacks of data across the world you will require the application to have the latest tools to maximize performance of the application – Speed and Efficiency.

Download this Infographic to learn about the tools to maximize performance at your own pace: -

    • Greater Efficiency
    • Greater Agility
    • Higher Performance
    • Simpler Security
    • Seamless Migration and Management


Beyond leveraging OCI and its tools, all Oracle technology license support customers will earn at least 25 cents of Support Rewards for each dollar of OCI Universal Credits they purchase and consume, thus maximizing savings too. Customers with Oracle Unlimited License Agreements (ULA) will save even more— earning rewards at a 33 percent rate.

Additional savings can be achieved with OCI volume discounts and engaging Oracle certified cloud Providers with Oracle CSPE certification.