Six Reasons for Cloud Migration Cost Overruns

In order to meet their organizations pandemic-related needs many organizations have invested in Public cloud. Cloud migrations can lead to cost overruns and runaway timelines during cloud migration. These overruns can negatively impact on-premises budgets as well.


Cost savings is the primary reason why most IT Decision Makers want to adopt cloud, and have also convinced their Management on this benefit, beyond the agility and flexibility cloud offers. Cost management and control is considered to be the most challenging in an ever changing demand from business teams.

Strategies to build a cloud migration cost estimate:-

  • Identify and list all potential costs
  • Align costs to project phases
  • Build a pro-forma estimate and refine over time
  • Account for Indirect cloud migration costs
  • Beware of cost of scope creep from vendors

Save costs, by avoiding these six mistakes which may lead to cloud migration costs escalations. Download this infographic now to Learn More!