10 Best Practices in Rightsizing on Oracle Cloud Platform

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All architectural components on cloud carry a cost tag, and any changes will impact availability, performance, and functionality for your applications.


Allocation-based services on Oracle cloud platforms require that you request a specific allocation at provisioning time. These could be the number of CPUs, the amount of RAM or the maximum number of IOPS of the underlying infrastructure. Beyond the Free Tier, you pay for this allocation irrespective of whether you’re using it or not. Often, you end up using resources at a much smaller percentage than what they can deliver. This needs to be constantly monitored to be Optimized.

These 10 best practices will help you in avoiding Under-Sizing or Over-Sizing your Oracle Cloud Platform. Download the Infographic Now!

Gartner also recommends engaging Certified Oracle Cloud expert partners (aka. CSPEs) to ensure first-time-right cloud migration and optimization for critical Oracle and Non-Oracle applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS & PaaS).

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