Standards Required in the Oracle Database to Comply with Online Patching

Oracle E-Business Suite has a utility called the Online Patching Readiness Report that is designed to help users identify database components that need updates in preparation for the R12.2 upgrade and Online Patching implementation.


Please keep in mind that this utility should be run in R11i, 12, 12.1, or a 12.2 environment before Online Patching is enabled, and that it’s available for those preparing to upgrade to R12.2.


Worth mentioning is that users must fix all violations reported in this utility before enabling online patching.


Download our latest infographic where we give you an overview of the standards you need to adhere to in order to prepare for Online Patching


Online Patching is a flagship of Oracle EBS R12.2 that allows you to apply patches to an EBS 12.2 system while it’s still up and running, with minimal downtime.


With many clients still below 12.2, we can’t stress enough how important it is that you take immediate action to upgrade to not only benefit from the many features and capabilities that 12.2 is packing, but to also protect your EBS investment by staying on Premier Support, which is available through at least 2032 for EBS clients on 12.2


If the December 2021 deadline arrives, and you’re not upgraded to 12.2, you will lose Premier Support and access to new updates, fixes, and security patches.