A long time ago in an enterprise systems landscape far, far away, IT Convergence published a white paper titled “Why Oracle Telesales is Better than…. If You Do It Right.”The paper shared ITC’s experience and argued that integration and total cost of ownership issues made OTS a more cost-effective CRM choice for Oracle E-Business Suite users.

Accordingly, we customized OTS heavily benefited from its seamless integration with Oracle. For a while, it met our needs (though sales begged to differ). But after a few years, we outgrew OTS, needing more robust functionality and integration with Marketo, which we’d just bought.

So we switched to and got phenomenal functionality but we lost any semblance of EBS integration. Sure, we pulled off some basic SFDC-OBIEE integrations, but we were still mired in the “Best of Breed vs. Easy Integration” trap…

Fortunately, Oracle Cloud Adapter’s arrival means you no longer must to make that trade off. That’s why we’re am inviting companies like yours to our webcast.

This webcast detail specifics on how Oracle Cloud Adapter:

  • Simplifies ERP-SFDC integration by eliminating costly customizations and manual configurations
  • Improves security by removing the need for custom coding
  • Speeds cross platform integration, including Cloud-to-on- premise connections
  • Reduces total cost of ownership by cutting out back-end costs

This webcast will include a live Demo of the Oracle Cloud Adapter and last about 50 minutes followed by Q&A. We’re inviting all ERP Managers, IT Directors, Middleware experts, SOA architects, Enterprise architects, CIO’s and everyone else who is interested in ERP-CRM integration.

Download Your Copy Here: