Have you found yourself (or had Oracle’s License Management Services team) asking these questions?

  • How do we discover all the installed Oracle database instances across the network?
  • How do we identify all the options and management packs we use?
  • How do we find the CPU and core details in all servers where Oracle is installed?
  • How can we understand the “hard” and “soft” partitioning rules in virtualized and partitioned environments?
  • Is there a way to accurately interpret the information?

If you are looking for a complete solution to effectively manage and control Oracle license usage and compliance throughout your organization, you should check out our upcoming webinar on HPE’s Universal Discovery for Oracle License Management.

HPE’s tool is one of the only applications verified by Oracle which can provide data to solve all the pain points of IT compliance. Coupled with the right asset manager system, HP’s UD for Oracle LMS will help your organization avoid costly compliance efforts, excessive IT expenses on licenses, contracts or support and many error-prone manual procedures.

This webcast will include a presentation from Bill Dyck (HPE’s Universal Discovery Product Manager) and Sreenevas Subramaniam (HPE’s Asset Manager Product Manager) and will last about 50 mins with 10 mins of QA. We’re inviting all CFOs, CIOs, Compliance, asset managers, configuration managers, Audit managers, infrastructure managers, DBA managers and everyone else interested in learning about HP’s universal discovery for Oracle LMS.

Download Your Copy Here:

about the presenters

Bill Dyck

Sr. Product Manager for HPE Universal Discovery
He is responsible for the product strategy and development of new discovery capabilities, methods and tools, helping keep HPE SW ahead of its competitors in this domain. Bill joined HPSW recently, coming from a practitioner background in HPE IT, deploying UCMDB instances and related content in support of HPE IT’s configuration management processes and in support of ES’s large customers that utilize UCMDB as their configuration management platform (E.ON, NG).

Sreenevas Subramaniam

Sr. Product Manager for HPE Asset Manager
He leads the globally product development strategy for HPE Asset Manager product. He oversees SACM Integration solution strategy & works with solution engineering team to Improve the product capabilities around SACM practice. Sree also worked with UCMDB RnD team in the functional architecture space. Prior to HPE, Sree was a solution architect for IT Service Management unit at Walmart.