Doing backups with tapes is outdated, time consuming, expensive and recoveries are long and unreliable. You must also handle the tapes, whether it means moving them around the server room or trucking them to offsite storage facilities. The tapes themselves can be torn, spindled or mutilated, and must be handled with care and stored in a climate-controlled environment.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could simplify backups by eliminating tapes and all of the associated cost and inconvenience? Fortunately, with IT Convergence Next Generation Backup solutions you can! Learn how ITC leverages EMC’s Data Domain deduplication technology to eliminate tapes for good.

This is the final webcast of a 3-round series on Next Generation Backup and Recovery.

This webcast will address specifics such as:

  • The values/benefits of not managing your own infrastructure
  • Effectively restore via a purpose built data protection solution
  • Features of the ITC Hybrid Cloud Offering

This webcast will last around 50 minutes followed by a Q&A session and is aimed at IT admins, IT Managers, C-Levels and anyone interested in Next Generation Backup and Recovery transformation.

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