Change is an essential element to a company’s growth cycle. Whether is technology system upgrades or large transformational initiatives such as mergers & acquisitions; organizations face risks associated with ROI & end-user adoption every day.

IT Convergence sits at the intersection of business and technology and since 1998 has been helping US-based multinational companies undertake large transformational projects at both regional and global scales.

In this webcast we will leverage our experience on business transformation initiatives to cover topics such as:

  • Risk areas associated with resistance to change
  • Why invest in Change management & training
  • Best practices to address change management & ensure end-user adoption
  • Case studies
  • Custom training Demos
  • Key takeaways

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About the presenters

Bill Moorehouse

Vice President of Sales and Marketing, IT Convergence.
During his time at ITC, Bill has worked closely with ITC’s clients on a number of business transformation initiatives, including a global HR Shared Service Center project that serviced 50 countries and a regional Finance Shared Service Center project that involved 950 finance employees and a community of 34,000 employees. Prior to joining ITC in 2009, Bill worked at Oracle, within the “tech” consulting practice. Bill holds a Bachelor’s from the University of Hartford and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management. During his time at MIT, Bill served as a research assistant within MIT’s Center for Information Systems Research (CISR), supporting research initiatives focused on Change Management and IT Governance.

Jordan Collard

Education, Testing & Change Management Practice Director, IT Convergence
He is an industry renowned speaker and active leader within the training community, he is the founder of Quest UPK SIG and President of OAUG SIG UPK with more than 7 years of experience and involvement in over 1500 projects. Over the past four years, Jordan has been dedicated in creating & providing the best in class custom training, testing & change management solutions through numerous technology platforms & best practices.