So you’ve just invested a 6 or 7 figure sum in an ERP solution. Now you have make it work. But how?

Did you know that according to different studies, the single most important factor driving successful ERP projects is end user adoption? (Neochange). Or that end user adoption is also the greatest post-rollout concern? (TechRepublic).

Oracle UPK gives you a dynamic, end-to-end tool that you can use to mitigate risks that lead to poor end-user adoption.
This webcast will focus on:

  • Factors that impede end-user adoption
  • The influence that end-user adoption has on productivity
  • Solving end-user adoption challenges and increasing the ROI on ERP projects with UPK
  • The value that UPK delivers to an organization

This webcast is aimed at IT managers, ERP team leads & project managers, CIO’s and anyone interested in driving ROI in IT investments through improved end-user adoption.

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