Open Enrollment is arguably one the most stressful events on an employee and an employer’s back office.  It presents the employee with an opportunity to move in and out of benefit plans without a qualifying event; but how to know which plan to pick? What should you be looking out for? Who will manage the daily administrative tasks during your Open Enrollment window? How will you address the systematic and legal changes coming as a part of the Affordable Care Act?

There are several opportunities for improvement in preparation for the 2016 Open Enrollment window. To find out where these lie, we’re inviting companies like yours to our webcast: “Open Enrollment 2016 – Invest now or pay later?”.

During the webcast we will turn Open Enrollment inside out and go beyond the white paper. We’ll share our first-hand experience on:

  • How to reach and educate your employees
  • Essentials to support your enrollment internally
  • Pre, during, and post Open Enrollment preparation
  • Affordable Care Act: RUP7 new features, Interfaces and Considerations

The enrollment period starts soon. Is your organization ready?

Download Your Copy Here: