Are you still using Oracle Discoverer? Have you hit your breaking point yet? Even though the tool is an essential component to running an effective business, there are many limitations to relying on Discoverer in 2015.

Today’s industry standards require much more than what Discoverer has to offer. A reporting tool needs to be agile, intuitive, and easily customizable to suit all business needs. Now is a productive time to consider the next step in your company’s reporting.

Join us to be introduced to a modern Reporting Workcenter, called CloudIO.

We’ll demonstrate, how CloudIO:
  • Can be used as a Replacement Platform for Oracle Discoverer
  • Unlocks the power of EBS’s vast database and data processing packages
  • Enables true mobility throughout your Enterprise applications
  • Overlays the limited Enterprise Systems user interface with pre-built modules and zero programming concept

If you are looking for a replacement for your existing Discoverer reports, this webcast will highlight how CloudIO Reporting Workcenter delivers where most traditional ERPs disappoint and helps you garner a greater ROI on your existing ERP.

Download Your Copy Here: