During the 90’s the promise of eCommerce tantalized: visit a web page, select from a menu, click “send” and violá – simultaneous payment and delivery! The world of on-line transactions was to be seamless, simple and, dare we say, almost carefree….

Now we know that making eCommerce’s bedrock principle of “point, click, and purchase” both viable and user-friendly requires implementing an often tangled series web services, security protocols, and authentication algorithms.

In this webcast, we covered:

  • The main challenges of integrating eCommerce platforms with ERP systems
  • Common B2B and B2C eCommerce-ERP interfaces
  • Frequently confused concepts about Oracle XML Gateway, SOA Gateway and SOA/B2B
  • Oracle SOA-B2B architecture that supports robust eCommerce-ERP Integration

This webcast is intended for both ERP professionals and business users of eCommerce solutions and will last about 40 minutes with plenty of time for your questions.

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