Oracle’s User Productivity Kit has primarily been utilized within the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) industry as a training tool, but did you know that UPK can add value to other stages of your software project lifecycle? 

In this webinar, our experts will demonstrate the key features of UPK in the project lifecycle and explain why UPK can dramatically reduce your development costs, drive standardization, and increase the ROI of enterprise applications.

Takeaways of this webinar:

  • What is UPK
  • How UPK can add value to your ERP
  • How to leverage UPK for Software Testing
  • How to leverage UPK for Global rollouts
  • How to decrease help desk costs with UPK

Who Should Watch

This webcast last about 45 minutes and is intended for ERP/IT Managers, Project Managers, IT Trainers, Compliance Specialists, Testers, CIO’s or anyone who wants to leverage UPK for their current or upcoming ERP project.

About the presenter



Jordan is an industry renowned speaker and active leader within the UPK community, founder of Quest UPK SIG and President of OAUG SIG UPK with more than 7 years of experience and involvement in over 1500 projects. Over the past four years, Jordan has been dedicated to Oracle UPK solution sales and development in IT Convergence and has a formal UPK certification from Oracle University in pre-sales, sales, implementation and functional aspects.

About the host

Xuan Liao

Xuan Liao

Marketing Manager, IT Convergence
Xuan is the Marketing Manager of our Education line of business, she creates and delivers problem solving information and resources to delight our customers. Her subject matter expertise revolves around best practices to maximize user adoption and technology ROI, by providing custom solutions that aims to deliver long term results to transform the way organizations perceive the power of IT training.