Oracle’s User Productivity Kit better known as UPK is a content authoring tool that is mainly used for training and documentation purposes, but ever wonder what UPK can do other than recording a process and publishing it in 15 different outputs? Want your published files to have a great look and feel? Wondering how to make the player package more visually appealing?

This webcast will help the UPK developers and admins realize all of the added features the tool offers that are often overlooked by its users. With the demonstration of all the tips and tricks to personalize the published outputs and the player package including concept panes, skins and logos.

In this webcast you will learn:

  • What is Oracle User Productivity Kit
  • Customizing Look & Feel
  • Modifying Testing Templates
  • Embedding Video
  • Test It! Mode Tracking In Knowledge Center

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About the presenter

Thiago Monteiro

Thiago Monteiro

Senior UPK Consultant, IT Convergence
He has delivered a variety of consulting and development projects using Oracle UPK among other authoring tools, he has co-presented UPK sessions at Oracle Open World and has extensive experience in areas such as UPK content development, training and integration to automated testing tools. With his business and financial background Thiago is able to connect all business needs to our customers' technological investments and deliver results that increases the ROI in the project´s lifecycle. He is proficient in Portuguese, Spanish and English and is originally from Brazil.